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Physics and Astronomy Condensed Matter and Materials

bonner at furnace glowing

Dr. Gary Collins studies solids using a hyperfine method, perturbed angular correlation (PAC), that gives atom-scale resolution of lattice locations. It is used in fundamental studies of site preferences, point defects, and atom movement at high temperature. The photo at right shows a miniature arc furnace in the Collins lab. White hot!

Dr. Susan Dexheimer studies ultrafast phenomena that occur on femtosecond (10-15 s) time scales. Her research group probes dynamics in advanced electronic materials using state of the art techniques.

UF lab

polished silicon

Dr. Tom Dickinson investigates the interaction of high-intensity lasers with crystal surfaces. His group is a leader in nanoscale and surface science research, with applications relevant to energy and the environment.

Dr. Mark Kuzyk’s group investigates novel optical fibers and pushes the limits of nonlinear optics to make the internet faster. The famous “Kuzyk gap” has pushed scientists around the world into new research directions.