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Physics and Astronomy Undergraduate Students

Physics & Astronomy Undergraduate Students

Looking for resources as a current or prospective undergraduate student attending Washington State University’s spectacular Physics and Astronomy Program? Here you can find links to the application process, courses, scholarships, student directory, extracurricular activities, and the undergraduate student handbook. Not enough info? Please e-mail the department at or call at 509-335-9532.

Club Flag

Ol’ Crimson flying high

The Washington State University flag has flown in many places around the world – from ESPN Game Day to the Great Wall of China – and now more than 18 miles into the stratosphere. A Cougar flag attached to a weather balloon launched from the center of the Pullman campus reached nearly 100,000 feet, presumed to be a record-breaker for the WSU banner. The flight was part of a WSU Physics and Astronomy Club student project. Watch the video

Physics & Astronomy Club Hub

Current Undergraduate Students

Student Learning Objectives

  1. Use scientific reasoning to form and test hypotheses.
    — (Critical and Creative Thinking)
  2. Think independently and question dogma by acquiring, reproducing, and assessing information from a variety of sources.
    — (Information Literacy)
  3. Recall and apply the important concepts in each of the four core areas of physics: mechanics, electricity and magnetism, modern and quantum physics, and thermal and statistical physics.
    — (Scientific Literacy)
  4. Design and conduct scientific experiments which test new ideas and theories
    — (Quantitative Reasoning)
  5. Present concepts and results clearly, both orally and in writing
    — (Communication)
  6. Be prepared for graduate study and/or careers in physics
    — (Depth, Breadth and Integration of Learning)