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Physics and Astronomy Cigdem Capan

Cigdem Capan

Curriculum Vitae

Cigdem Capan (2010) received her Ph.D. in Condensed Matter Physics from the Université Pierre et Marie Curie in Paris. She has been invited to speak across the globe including Italy, Poland, England, and throughout the United States. Her research specialty is Condensed Matter Physics. It is a frontier area of research, at the crossroads of solid state chemistry, materials science, and quantum many body theory. The aim of this interdisciplinary approach is to understand and describe the quantum mechanics of a very large number of particles, be it electrons in metals, or atoms in optical lattices. Capan has experience in conducting a large variety of measurements, including transport properties such as magnetoresistance and Hall Effect, and thermodynamic properties such as magnetization and specific heat, at low temperatures and high magnetic fields. She is also experienced in the crystal growth, solid state synthesis, and X-ray characterization of new materials.


The actinide tetrafluoride paper has been selected as a 2021 highlight by the Office of Basic Energy Sciences.

Cigdem Capan

Scholarly Assistant Professor

Office: WSU-TriCity Campus,
CIC 202J
Phone: (509) 372-7147
E-mail: cigdem.capan at