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2023-24 Colloquium Schedule

Spring 2024 – Colloquia will be held on Thursdays in Webster 11, beginning at 12:10 pm.

Colloquium will be held in person, upholding current WSU COVID-19 policy & procedures. For those that cannot attend in person, please join us on ZOOM!

Meeting ID: 965 8240 9398

Passcode: physastro

You can help support these events by giving to the Physics Excellence Fund or the S Town Stephenson Lectureship

Date Speaker and Talk Title
January 11 Wolfgang Altmannshofer, University of California, Santa Cruz
Title: “A Theory Perspective on Particle Physics
January 18 Ansel Neunzert, LIGO Hanford
Title: “Farther, faster, and clearer: gravitational wave science in LIGO’s fourth observing run and beyond
January 25 Sergey Kalabanov, Kazan Federal University
Title: “Meteor Observations Registered with Meteor Radar in Kazan Federal University, Russia
February 1
Virginia Trimble, University of California, Irvine
Title: Oppenheimer and the Cosmos
February 8 Hans Moritz Gunther, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Title: 25 Years of Chandra
February 15 Michael McBride,
Title: Gradient Morphology and Composition Control via Electroplating
February 22 Benjamin Cromey, Ball Aerospace
Title: Academic to Engineer: Skills to work on now for a future in industry
February 29 Helena Garcia Escudero, University of California, Irvine
Title: Visible in the laboratory and invisible in cosmology: Decaying sterile neutrinos
March 7 Sagnik Saha, Duke University
Title: Quantum Networking with Trapped Ions
March 21 Shengwang Du, University of Texas, Dallas
Title: Distributed Quantum Computing with Shared Quantum Gate Processing Unit
March 28
Maren Mossman, University of San Diego

Title:  Physics Careers and Navigating your Path

April 4
Gail SchaeferGeorgia State University
Title: Imaging Stellar Surfaces with the CHARA Array
April 11
Dave Wineland, University of Oregon
Title: Quantum Computers and Raising Schrödinger’s Cat
Note location change: Todd Addition 276
April 18
Safa Shoaee, University of Potsdam
Title: Charges on the move: upscaling organic solar cells
April 25
May 2



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