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2022-23 Colloquium Schedule

Spring 2023 – Colloquia will be held on Thursdays in Webster 11, beginning at 12:10 pm.

Colloquium will be held in person, upholding current WSU COVID-19 policy & procedures. For those that cannot attend in person, please join us on ZOOM!

Meeting ID: 965 8240 9398

Passcode: physastro

You can help support these events by giving to the Physics Excellence Fund or the S Town Stephenson Lectureship

Date Speaker and Talk Title
January 12 Vivienne Baldassare, Washington State University
Title: A Census of Massive Black Holes in Dwarf Galaxies
January 19 David Jones, University of California, Santa Cruz
Title: Preparing for the Time-Domain Revolution with the Young Supernova Experiment
January 26 Grace Telford, Rutgers University
Title: New Insights into Feedback-Regulated Galaxy Evolution from Observations of Resolved Stars
February 2 Maria Charisi,
Title: Frontiers of multi-messenger astrophysics with pulsar timing arrays
February 9 Kristen Dage, McGill University
Title: Ultraluminous X-ray Sources in Extragalactic Globular Clusters
February 16 Chen-Ting Liao, University of Colorado at Boulder
Title: Topological states of spin and light: hedgehogs, skyrmions, optical vortices, and beyond.
February 23 Yefeng Mei, University of Michigan
Title: Towards Quantum Networking with Neutral Atoms and Photons
March 2 Brian Kim, Columbia University
Title: Quest for Novel Quantum Materials and Devices
March 7 Emily Davis, University of California, Berkeley
Title: In Pursuit of Entanglement: XXZ Interactions for Spin-Squeezing in Atomic and Solid-State Spin Ensembles
March 9 Jason Barnes, University of Idaho
Title: NASA’a Titan Rotorcraft Lander
March 16 Spring Break – No Colloquium
March 23 Steve Allen, University of California, Santa Cruz
Title: A Brief History of Conventional Time
March 30 Michael Forbes, Washington State University
Title: Is Quantum Physics Fundamentally Different than Classical Physics? Tutorial on the 2022 Nobel Prize in Physics.
April 6 Sarah Greenstreet, University of Washington
April 13 Yingmei Liu, Oklahoma State
Title: Non-equilibrium Dynamics in a Three-Dimensional Spinor Bose-Hubbard Model Quantum Simulator
April 20 Robert Lewis-Swan, The University of Oklahoma
Title: Quiet quantum sensing: Taming quantum noise in spin-boson systems
April 27 Dead Week
May 4 Finals Week



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