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2022-23 Colloquium Schedule

Fall 2022 – Colloquia will be held on Thursdays in Webster 11, beginning at 12:10 pm.

Colloquium will be held in person, upholding current WSU COVID-19 policy & procedures. For those that cannot attend in person, please join us on ZOOM!

Meeting ID: 965 8240 9398

Passcode: physastro

You can help support these events by giving to the Physics Excellence Fund or the S Town Stephenson Lectureship

Date Speaker and Talk Title
August 25 Brian Saam, Washington State University
Title: State of the Department
September 1 Guy Worthey, Washington State University
Title: Galaxy Assembly
September 8 Sergey Frolov, University of Pittsburgh
Title: Superconductors and Semiconductors, Nanowires and Majorana, Research and Integrity
September 15 Gary Collins, Washington State University
Title: Diffusion Studied Using Nuclear Methods
September 22 Brittany Berry-Pusey, COO at Avenda Health
Title: Scientists Make Great Entrepreneurs: How to Move from the Lab to the Boardroom
September 29 Doerte Blume, Oklahoma University
Title: Wave guide QED: Collective behaviors of two-level emitters coupled to a non-linear bath
October 6 Svetlana Kotochigova, Temple University
Title: Quantum Chaos in the Ultracold Chemistry: Computational Tools for Strongly Interacting Dynamical Systems
October 13 Samantha Lawler, University of Regina
October 20 Nir Navon, Yale University
October 27 Peter Palffy-Muhoray, Kent State University
November 3 Azalee Bostroem, University of Arizona
November 10 TBD
November 17 Sarah Greenstreet, University of Washington
November 24 Thanksgiving Break
December 1 Michael Wong, Carnegie Institute of Washington
December 8 Dead Week
December 15 Finals Week



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