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2021 Colloquium Schedule

Spring 2022 – Colloquia will be held on Thursdays in Webster 11, beginning at 12:10 pm.

Colloquium will be held in person, upholding current WSU COVID-19 policy & procedures. For those that cannot attend in person, please join us on ZOOM!

Meeting ID: 910 2578 6983

Passcode: physastro

You can help support these events by giving to the Physics Excellence Fund or the S Town Stephenson Lectureship

Date Speaker and Talk Title
January 13 Giacomo Roati, CNR-INO and LENS
Title: A Quantum Vortex Collider
January 20 Chris Vale, Swinburne University of Technology
Title: Switching on a Fermi Superfluid
January 27 Marty Ytreberg, University of Idaho
Title: Using Molecular Modeling to Study Protein Structure, Function, and Evolution
February 3 Guy Worthey, Washington State University
Title: Terraform the Moon with Undergraduate Physics
February 10 Mario Ferreira, University of Aveiro
Title: Nonlinear Effects in Optical Fibers
February 17 Brian Saam, Washington State University
Title: Adventures in Angular Momentum
February 24 Zachariah Etienne, University of Idaho
Title: Next‐Generation Black Hole and Neutron Star Collision Simulations
March 3 Ian Coddington, NIST Boulder
Title: Dual-Frequency Combs for Greenhouse Gas Sensing: Successes, Challenges and Tech Transfer
March 10 Christopher Carroll, Washington State University
Title: Hidden Monsters: Uncovering the Full Population of Obscured Supermassive Black Holes
March 17 Spring Break
March 24 Heidi Wu, Boise State University
Title: Probing Cosmic Acceleration with Galaxy Clusters
March 31 Bastiaan Driehuys, Duke University School of Medicine
Title: Hyperpolarized 129Xe MRI: The Journey from the Physics Lab to the Radiology Suite
April 7 No Colloquium
April 14 Suzanne White Brahmia, University of Washington
Title: Measuring and Enhancing Quantitative Reasoning in Physics Instruction
April 21 Tom Quinn, University of Washington
Title: Planet Formation Near and Far
April 28 Matthew Zacate, Northern Kentucky University
Title: Perturbed Angular Correlation Spectroscopy for the Study of Rotational Diffusion
May 5 Finals Week



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