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2021 Colloquium Schedule

Spring 2021 – Colloquia will be held virtually via Zoom on Thursdays.

Meet the speaker at 3:30 pm – join us in welcoming the speaker and for an informal chat!
Colloquium begin at 4:10 pm

Zoom Link
Meeting ID: 957 1082 3436

Passcode: PhysAstro

You can help support these events by giving to the Physics Excellence Fund or the S Town Stephenson Lectureship

Date Speaker and Talk Title
January 21 Doerte Blume, University Oklahoma
Title: “Probing the helium dimer and trimer with fast, intense lasers”
January 28 John Thomas, North Carolina State University
Title: “Optically‐Trapped Interacting Fermi Gases”
February 4 Nicolas Schunck, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Title: “Theory of Nuclear Fission ”
February 11 Inga Saknīte, Vanderbilt University Medical Center
Title: “Hyperspectral imaging and videomicroscopy of skin in patients after a stem cell transplant”
February 18 Eleanor Close, Texas State University
Title: “Supporting Inclusive Physics Community through a Learning Assistant Program”
February 25 Frank Bates, University of Minnesota
Title: “Block Copolymer Melts Mimic Metallurgy”
March 4 Catherine Cooper, Washington State University
Title: “Craton Stability: What’s Thickness (and shape) Got To Do With It”
March 8
University of Idaho & WSU Special Joint Colloquium

Zachariah Etienne, West Virginia University
Title: “Advancing Multimessenger Astrophysics with Next-Generation Black Hole and Neutron Star Binary Merger Simulations”

March 11 Gail Zasowski, University of Utah
March 18
Alexie Leauthaud, University of California, Santa Cruz
March 25 Rebecca Jensen-Clem, University of California, Santa Cruz
April 1 Fiona Burnell, University of Minnesota
April 8 Steve Lamoreaux, Yale University
April 15 Kai Bongs, University of Birmingham
April 22 Mona Jarrahi, University of California, Los Angeles
April 29 Dead Week



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