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Physics and Astronomy Michael Allen

Michael L Allen

Scholarly Associate Professor in the Astronomy group

Professional interests

  • STEM pedagogy related to backwards design, peer instruction, and assessment-driven learning
  • robotic telescopes and student education


  • core coursework in the Physics & Astronomy major
  • history & philosophy of science in the Honors College
  • first-year level breadth requirements for non-majors
  • senior-level science capstone


  • academic advising in Physics & Astronomy, and in General Studies: General Physical Sciences
  • public outreach via the WSU planetarium and observatory, and with the Palouse Astronomical Society
  • curriculum development & assessment committees at the departmental and college level

Education & Experience

Selected presentations

Selected publications

Biermann, P.L.; Kronberg, P.P.; Allen, M.L.; Meli, A.; Seo, E.-S. “The Origin of the Most Energetic Galactic Cosmic Rays: Supernova Explosions into Massive Star Plasma Winds”. Galaxies (2019), 7, 48. doi: 10.3390/galaxies7020048

Allen, Michael L., “The Moon – What’s it made of? Where did it come from?” National Center for Case Study Teaching in Science, (2019):

Joyner, H., and Michael L. Allen, “Humans in space: developing a sustainable food supply on Mars,” National Center for Case Study Teaching in Science, (2015):

Allen, Michael L., and Diane O. Kelly-Riley, “Promoting undergraduate critical thinking in astro 101 lab exercises,” Astronomy Education Review (2005), 4(2), 10. doi: 10.3847/AER2005017

Michael Allen

Quick info

Office: Webster Physical Sciences 1246
Phone: (509) 335-1279
Fax: (509) 335-7816
E-mail: mlfa at

Areas of expertise:  STEM education, astronomy

Link to the astro-imaging lab at WSU

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