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TALuS 2/7/2018

Come join the rest of the WSU astro people.

Some interesting news to discuss:

Spring 2018 TALuS to begin January 18

The astro lunch seminar will begin next week.  We’ll be meeting in the 12th floor lounge again.  A new feature this semester will be the use of this website to post reading material and topics for discussion ahead of time.  (Of course, we’re not limited to discussing those things.)  Wednesday afternoon or Thursday morning will usually be a good time to check here to see what will be on the agenda.

LIGO and Virgo announce the detection of a black hole binary merger from June 8, 2017


Scientists searching for gravitational waves have confirmed yet another detection from their fruitful observing run earlier this year. Dubbed GW170608, the latest discovery was produced by the merger of two relatively light black holes, 7 and 12 times the mass of the sun, at a distance of about a billion light-years from Earth. The merger left behind a final black hole 18 times the mass of the sun, meaning that energy equivalent to about 1 solar mass was emitted as gravitational waves during the collision.

The preprint is available here: