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Physics and Astronomy Brian A. Collins

Brian A. Collins

Curriculum Vitae


  • Optics: Resonant X-ray optical properties of organic matter
  • Materials physics: nano-to-mesoscale ordering in organic materials, optoelectronic properties of semiconducting organic materials
  • Condensed matter physics: ordering phenomena at organic-organic interfaces, properties of charge carriers in semiconducting organic materials
  • Engineering/Applied physics: organic optoelectronic devices

Recent Publications:

M. Schubert, B. A. Collins, H. Mangold, I. A. Howard, W. Schindler, K. Vandewal, S. Rloand, J. Behrends, F. Kraffert, R. Steyrleuthner, Z. Chen, K Fostiropouulos, R. Bittl, A. Salleo, A. Facchetti, F. Laquai, H. Ade, D. Neher, “Correlated Donor/Acceptor Crystal Orientation and Fast Charge-Transfer State Recombination Controls Photocurrent Generation in All-Polymer Solar Cells.” Adv. Func. Mater. DOI: 10.1002/adfm.201304216 – Accepted as VIP.

R. Steyrleuthner, R. Di Pietro, B. A. Collins, F. Polzer, S. Himmelberger, H. Kirmse, M. Schubert, Z. Chen, A. Salleo, H. Ade, A. Facchetti and D. Neher, “The role of regioregularity and crystallinity on electron transport anisotropy in a high mobility n-type copolymer.” J. Am. Chem. Soc. 136, 4245 (2014).

J. R. Tumbleston, B. A. Collins, L. Yang, A. C. Stuart, E. Gann, W. Ma, W. You, H. Ade, “The influence of molecular orientation on organic bulk heterojunction solar cells.” Nature Photonics, 8, 385 (2014).

J. R. Tumbleston, A. D. Gadisa, Y. Liu, B. A. Collins, E. T. Samulski, R. Lopez, H. Ade, “Modifications in morphology resulting from nanoimprinting bulk heterojunction blends for light trapping organic solar cell designs.” ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, 5, 8225 (2013).

Brian A. Collins

Assistant Professor of Physics

Office: Webster Physical Sciences 523
Phone: (509) 335-4671
Fax: (509) 335-7816
E-mail: brian.collins at

Research: Optics, Materials Physics and Condensed Matter Physics

Website: (Link)